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Transportation of the Remains of a Deceased Kenyan to Kenya

1. Requirements for transportation of a body to Kenya

  • Copy of Death Certificate.
  • Copy of Burial Transit Permit.
  • Copy of embalmment Certificate.
  • A letter from the Health Department confirming that there was no contagious disease at the time of death.
  • Copy of Passport/Birth Certificate or any acceptable form of identification of the deceased
  • Contact information of Next of Kin or friends in Rwanda and Kenya.

2. Requirement for taking ashes to Kenya 

  • Copy of death certificate
  • Certificate from the crematorium
  • Certificate issued by the funeral director confirming that the contents are nothing but the remains and is not mixed with anything else.
  • Copy of Kenyan passport/ birth certificate or any acceptable form of identification of the deceased.

On receipt of the above documents, the High Commission will issue a letter of no objection for the remains to be transported to Kenya. (No fee is charged for the service)